Jackie Bales VO – Easy to Trust, Hard to Forget


Easy to trust, hard to forget?  What’s that mean?

Working with Jackie means you can lose the stress, RELAX, and trust she knows what she’s doing.

Jackie is a South-Florida based, full-time professional Voice Over Artist and On Camera Talent with over 20 years’ experience in telling a great story through documentaries, TV shows, corporate and medical narration, e-Learning projects, and a wide variety of commercials.

A born storyteller, Jackie is passionate about and adeptly skilled at genuinely connecting with all kinds of people and giving her clients the read they hear in their minds. And she enjoys bringing the more complex copy to life as much as she does the clear-cut, emotive and funny scripts.

Jackie came into this business from broadcasting, and from radio DJ to TV/Radio News Anchor to PBS Pledge host, Jackie is used to working live – making her voiceover process so much quicker and easier. She knows how much work goes into choosing every word; how to work smart and get it right the first time; and exactly how to play her professional part in the team effort it takes to produce a successful project.

Jackie’s first love is storytelling. She’s been in this business a long time and understands its needs and demands. It’s why most of her clients are referrals or repeat business. She’s proven to them that choosing her makes their job easier and their story hard to forget. She’d love to do the same for you. And like a great vacation – keep you coming back for a relaxing and wonderful VO experience – guaranteed.

Go easy on yourself and contact Jackie today!

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